B o r n   t o   L e a d

Davis and Weber county Guide Dog club


Christina is still hanging out in phase 8!

Alex is in phase 5!

Danford is in phase 3!

Shanti was cc'd for body sensitivity. 

Don't Forget

Heartgard is due on the 1st of every month! Check to be sure your puppy is taking the correct dose for his weight.  Also, if you are planning on going out of town, your puppy might need flea/tick repellent- contact Traci if you need some for an upcoming vacation!

Remember that your puppy's Monthly Report is due by the 5th of each month. Please get them in on  time or early. 

Just a Reminder!

          Probably the hardest part of puppy raising is having to return your pup to Guide Dogs for formal training. After putting in hours of hard work and tender care, afterexperiencing all the joys and frustrations of shaping your pup into a well mannered, socialized being, you have, in the process, undoubtedly formed a strong bond of love and friendship with your puppy. Generally, dogs are in training for approximately four to five months, but many dogs may be in training for six to nine months (or even more) before they are matched with the appropriate individual.When your puppy first arrives at Guide Dogs he will be assigned to a training string that works with a specific group of instructors. There may be times when the weekly training report notes that a dog has been moved back one or more phase numbers. This would reflect a dog that has been “passed back” in training. Passing a dog back does not necessarily reflect concerns, but rather indicatesthat we continue to see positive traits in the dog. Like people, not all dogs learn at the same rate. In our training process, each string of dogs is separated by at least two phases. So, when a dog is passed back a string or two you can expect to see a significant change in the phase number. Take, for example, a dog that is in phase eight and considered “class ready”, but is not selected for class. This dog will be passed back and be available for placement in subsequent classes. Each dog is placed into class only when a person arrives that needs their specific abilities, size and temperament.Be sure to watch the Phase report for dogs in our club!

Upcoming Meetings


Nov 19- new puppy- at the staples in Layton on Main Street 

Nov 26-All puppy meeting- at the WSUD campus- food rewards

Dec 3- all puppy-at the WSUD campus- loose leash walking


Meetings are usually every week for baby puppies and every other week for puppies over 5 months old. We meet at the Weber State University Davis Campus on Tuesdays at 7PM unless otherwise stated.